With Regard to BULLIED Review by Lesley Holmes

This is an easy to understand story that was enjoyable. The descriptive phrases were brilliant despite some small errors in puntuation (now corrected). It would make a great addition to a magazine or periodical. JUNE 2017


With regard to THE WHIFF OF A SPIDER Review by Bethan Morgan Hughes.

What a stroke of genius. I felt I was actually at the school sitting on the naughty chair (surprise surprise). Due to Mark’s ability to go into such depth with this story I consider it to be a fantastic discovery of a very talented author.
The imagination and quirkiness of this little spider stockpiling bits and crumbs from the moustache of the headmaster, and the reaction and sheer excitement of the children to this was an absolute delight.
My introduction to this brilliant author has really wetted my appetite for the forthcoming novel “At the Back of my Mind”. The Gods employed in the book have spoken and predicted an incredible success.