MW Self Publishing Partner

Are you interested in self publishing your book? and why should you choose self publishing?

In the past, we all think that publishing via a traditional print house was the way to go. Now, of course, there is self publishing. I’m have no preference; I think both have their merits, however, there are some important advantages to choosing the self-publishing route.

To survive the constant round of refusals from traditional publishing editors, means that you have had to have honed your craft, be particularly thick skinned and in many cases, lucky. You firstly need an agent, with few exceptions, and one that is capable of linking you with a publisher. Not all agents will be quick to succeed and even they will need your manuscript to be professionally edited.

Self publishing isn’t easy though. You need to be a certain type of person, someone capable of surmounting the problems that agents and publishers seemingly take in their stride. Tell yourself that you ‘CAN’, however, and with help… you will.

Within self publishing YOU retain the creative bent that drives you in your work, so your work remains your work. Sometimes not the case with traditional publishing.

The idea that a publisher will grant you a juicy monetary advance is not so much the case now either, and most publishers will expect more of you, so its not without further expense. When you ally yourself with self-publishing, the marketing is up to you and you can sell through umpteen different media sites and now, many book shops too. Shelf life is as you dictate, without the deadlines, stresses and strains. Not only that, your book will fly into the hands of readers a darn sight quicker!

So, how can I help? I can look at your work, edit it and format it ready for submission to the Amazon on-line bookstore, all for a small initial cost and as a part of our partnership. Far from charging you an extortionate amount. I then advertise your book on my website, sell it through four social media sites, and take a small amount of commission on books sold, or, you can purchase books at a minimal ‘authors cost’, and sell them at book fairs, craft fairs, to your friends and relatives, or give them away as presents. So, we share the risk!


I can give you a quote when you send your proposal into me. However, for example purposes here:

A small short story or poetry book of approximately thirty-five pages, would cost around £50 initially, plus cost and commission:

       retail sales books at £5.95, via Amazon, would provide you with royalties at 21%.rrp.

       author sales on books at £5.95, via Amazon, would you with royalties at 43%.rrp.

Use the contacts tab to send your proposal.