Tell me please tell me, what’s so offensive about a British sausage? Those poor people in Northern Island being denied their fry up or sausage sandwich must be getting desperate. What will they batter when their favourite dog hasn’t come back from his walk, hot or not, what will they set aside their chips if there’s no chipolatas, what will they roll across their picnic blankets and what will they stick on a stick? The G7 has been hijacked all for the sake of a porker, the European union’s grace period wound up like a Cumberland, co-operation leaking away, and we all know how pathetic a Glamorgan sausage is without leeks. You’d think that all us Brits could get together, linked you might say, and launch the fat bellies we have sausages to thank for, right at ‘em! A British sausage is an institution and should be in every chip shop across Britain. How would the Europrattlers like it if we tried to stop them selling Italian pasta to Sicily?