Do you struggle with the concept of  ‘EPISTOLARY’? (Work written in the form of documents). Well, new to me,  I need your help!

  1. Everyone assumes the to and from chit chat format is in letter form, but what about texts, diary entries, email, or social media? What would you do? I’ve even thought about Indian smoke signals!
  2. It seems this format is best when between two persons, or entities if you’re brave, but should I consider more than this? What about boyfriend, girlfriend, and someone else… maybe muscling in on a lover’s conversation?
  3. Epistolary stories written in the first person are brilliant for getting inside someone’s head and showing intense emotions.  Phyllis Theroux said; “To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart!” However, would you hold something back,  letters actually  written on special computer by a blind man perhaps?
  4. It seems this is great in teasing out character development, allowing the participants the chance to voice the different ways they look at something. I wonder though if a single person’s diary entries are allowable, especially if they’re personal and private. What do you think?
  5. I have an idea of using a framing device. A story created within the story, bubbling under the surface of the obvious, but the real reason for the writer’s letters. How could I do this, how would you do this? Any ideas?

          It would be great to receive your ideas and advice.

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