In the shop window I saw the coat

it made me stop to stare and gloat.

I would love to wear it now,

but the cost raised my brow.

 If only I could afford it at that price,

I would buy it, to look so very nice.


You don’t need it! You already have two,

and one of them is nearly new.

Your wardrobe doesn’t have to be full,

there’s nothing wrong in looking dull.

You only want it because it’s there.

Walk right on, and forget your spare.


I will never get a better chance,

and my figure it would enhance.

I would love to wear it every day.

Maybe I’ll buy it, come what may.

It would boost my ego to put it on,

especially when I’m out with Tom.


You can’t afford it, so don’t be a fool,

avert your eyes and do not drool.

It’s not for you, so leave it there,

thinking of buying it! Don’t you dare!

It costs too much, and you’d be broke,

it’s not worth it, for yet another coat.


Perhaps you’re right, so I’ll move on

I can only dream and think of Tom.

May be he won’t mind if I’m dowdy

and won’t protest so very loudly.

For he’s such a darling little lamb,

quietly sleeping in his pram.